Friday, March 12, 2010

Salt Lake City Weekly Interviews Tyler Kirkham

Going back into the world of comics today, we focus our attention on the works of an artist who practiced his craft and got into drawing issues the hard way. But man, did it pay off.

Tyler Kirkham has been producing all kinds of work for Top Cow for the past few years, having a hand in titles from Image such as Strykeforce, Broken Trinity and The Tenth. Now producing workds primarly for Marvel such as Fusion and Ultimate Fantastic Four, his dedication has earned himself a following and opened up new doors for projects yet to be seen. I got a chance to chat with Tyler about his work and time at Top Cow, as well as projects coming down the road and his thoughts on comics in general.

Gavin: Hey Tyler! First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Tyler: Well I was born and raised in Davis county Utah. I've been married for almost seven years to my high school sweet heart Jill. I've always been huge into art. I've always loved drawing. I also love playing video game and Basketball.

Gavin: How did the opportunity come about to work at Image Comics?

Tyler: I got really lucky I think. I started going to more conventions and really trying to pursue comics. I had a really cool art teacher in high school. He let us do what we wanted. So and few friends and I worked on our own comics. So what happened is I had a friend on a church mission is California. He was living in a house with another guy that also liked art and comics. I would send my friend my art and he would show people. The other guy that lived in the house said, "I know where a comic studio is that's real close." He took my art to the Top Cow offices. He showed one of the editors there. She saw promise in my art, but I still wasn't ready. Now I had an in though. I would always do new work and show this editor, or if I went to a convention I would talk to her. So what happened is she was working with a the writer of The Gift. He was looking for a young artist. I wasn't ready to work at Top Cow yet, but this was something good for me to wet my feet and grow as an artist.

Read the full interview here.

Source: Salt Lake City Weekly

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