Thursday, March 04, 2010

GeekWeek's I Thought You'd Never Ask: Stjepan Sejic

You know the drill: another installment of "I Thought You'd Never Ask." Another week, another 5 questions with one of Filip Sablik's comic creator pals, questions which your average reporter would never think to ask. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll say "thanks for the distraction from work.

Up to bat this week is Stjepan Sejic. You'll get a pretty good for Stjepan in the interview, but he is one of the most unique comic artists I've ever worked with. He's a digital painter, who can do two monthly books at a time doing basically everything but the writing and the lettering. He's equally right and left brained and is a completely savvy business man while also being a truly vibrant creative. He's prolific and an idea machine. He loves Starbucks (any coffee really) and his family. He broke into the industry at Top Cow, when Tyler Kirkham found him on DeviantArt and asked him to digitally paint over some of his artwork. He started at Top Cow coloring The Darkness/Wolverine and then moved to a couple of issues of Witchblade. It wasn't long before we snagged him for First Born and as the ongoing Witchblade artist. He has plans to release an original series called Ravine through Top Cow and has done cover work for Marvel Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and others. One other thing about Stjepan, don't call him the "Croatian Sensation."

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Source: GeekWeek

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