Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quarter Bin Reviews Witchblade #135

In part one of “Almost Human”, the Witchblade bearer came face to face with Aphrodite IV, a super-strong, indestructible cyborg woman with green hair. In part two, the story delves right into the action, with plenty of robots and gunfire.

Sejic’s art is remarkable, as always. In addition to his great art style, it’s the small touches on certain pages that really make me stop and look. For example, early on, there’s a large panel of Sara and Aphrodite stopped in mid-fight, and there’s an air of innocence in the picture not often seen near either of them. Seconds later, the shit hits the fan, bullets are flying, and the Witchblade is out in full force. It’s an interesting contrast, and just another reason why I enjoy all of Stjepan Sejic’s work in the Top Cow universe.

This is a great issue for Ron Marz, too. In addition to giving us great lines like “I don’t care if you are just R2-D2 with nice tits…”, Marz nicely moves issue #135 from the action-packed first pages to the slower paced middle of the story, and then back again. He also managed to bring a bit of humanity into Aphrodite IV, who previously seemed to be nothing more than a super android in the body of an attractive female.

Witchblade #135 does a good job of furthering the story, making Aphrodite more interesting, and setting up the climax of this particular arc. See what happens when the issue hits comic store shelves today.

Source: Quarter Bin

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