Friday, March 26, 2010

Twitter Report: Halo Tournaments and What Makes Writers Worthy of Hate

Epic conversations for the ages consumed the Twitter Report feed today, as Tony Harris and Ron Marz pondered what makes writers worthy of hate, P.J. Holden and Tony Lee discussed what makes creators "professionals" and Jamie McKelvie wondered if "Final Fantasy XIII" is actually an RPG.

If you're mind hasn't been blown by the time you've finished pondering these subjects yourself, check out out Ben Templesmith's connection to "The Pacific," who cleans up at TopCow "Halo" tournaments and how Mike Norton draws Tawky Tawny.

Writers pt. 1
: @TONYFINGHARRIS Ya know what I hate? Well, lots of things, but I really hate writers who think they are Jeezus. You are their Art-Monkey. Nope.....
-Tony Harris, Artist ("Ex Machina," "War Heroes")

Writers pt. 2: @ronmarz @TONYFINGHARRIS Writers who only want an art monkey are dumbasses. You guys make us look good if we let you do what you do.
-Ron Marz, Writer ("Green Lantern," "Witchblade")

@RickBas9 Halo nights at @TopCow are always the best!! Great times watching the other team cry like little girls XD
-Rick Basaldua, Inker ("Witchblade/Devi," "Hunter-Killer")

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