Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video Animer Reviews Witchblade the Anime Series

To start off my anime reviews I have decided to go with one of my favorite newer animes from the past couple of years.

Witchblade was based off of an American Comic Book unlike most animes which base themselves off of a manga series. There was also a television series in the U.S. by the same name. However the anime series is not based off of the original characters in the comic, but is placed in the future with a new blade wielder.

But this is not just a battle anime. It is filled with deep emotional connections, since the reason she fights is for her daughter. This anime is filled with emotions and has a bunch of laughter as well. You can really feel a deep connections with all the characters and had me in tears at the end.

The style of this anime is just beautiful as well. However some of the drawings are a bit racy. The dvd is unedited, but some parts had to be covered up when it was aired. However there is no obscene images, just a lot of skin.

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Source: Video Animer

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