Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newsarama: Top Cow's PILOT SEASON Goes into STEALTH Mode

From murderous vigilantes to demonic possessions, the next installment of this year's Pilot Season series goes straight-up superhero with a twist with Stealth. The book, which is scheduled to come out on April 28th, centers around a man ordinary like you or I named Todd Carey whose life is in a bit of a rough patch recently. While recovering from a nasty divorce and trying to help his college daughter from failing her classes, he finds out his father has Alzheimer's. Although Todd's still trying to learn to live on his own after years of marriage, he takes in his father and unintentionally discovers a deeper secret: his father is a superhero.

"Through the simple circumstances of living in the same house with his father and him being absent-minded, Todd learns that his father is a superhero named Stealth," said writer Robert Kirkman. "Stealth's been in action for better part of his life. All those years growing up, Todd wondered why his dad wasn't around for t-ball and other things, but now he knows why – his dad was saving the world. Finding out about this aspect of his father's life is groundbreaking for him, but its difficult to talk to his father about it since he has Alzheimers."

While Kirkman's other superhero title Invincible is more a classic variety of the superhero genre, this book takes the enthusiastic creativity of cape fiction and plays it against real life struggles of a modern family.

"It's got a bit of superheroey-ness to it," Kirkman explains," but at its heart it's a situation about a man learning to live with his dad who has Alzheimer's. Since his father has this affliction, he may think he's attacking a bad guy when he's really just beating up a soccer mom. Todd's got to protect his father just as his father protected him and the world."

While operating under the guise of the tech-savvy flyer Stealth, Todd's father saved the world but also accumulated his fair share of enemies along the way. Those threats, along with the erratic behavior one would expect when dealing with Alzheimer's, puts a heavy toll on Todd's lap and his relationship with his father.

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Source: Newsarama

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