Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creative Loafing Lists Sara Pezzini in Top 10 Comic Book Mothers


Sara Pezzini was protecting innocents as a police officer long before The Witchblade, a sentient weapon, chose her as its wielder. Their union resulted in years of sexy pin-ups and shredded dresses, proving The Witchblade was out to please horny geeks worldwide.

After a period of abstinence, Pezzini discovered she was pregnant — whoops — and while she wasn’t sure she could be a mother, she was sure The Witchblade couldn’t.

Maternity leave from the force wasn’t her only concern, and Sara decided to surrender the weapon to another, keeping her baby and not looking back.

Until she became The Witchblade again. But now she’s doing it all: with a baby to feed. She even got her body back. (Pilates?)

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Source: Creative Loafing

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