Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Comic News: Newsarama: Comic Book Artists Remember Frank Frazetta

The news that legendary artist Frank Frazetta died today spread through the comic book industry, and creators reacted with both sadness and admiration for one of the greats.

Newsarama contacted several artists in the comics business to find out what influence Frazetta had on not only comic book art in general, but on their careers in particular:

J.G. Jones
I still have my original, beat up Bantam Frazetta editions. I used these as my bible when learning to draw and paint as a kid.

David Finch
I've had Frazetta's work close to my drawing table for many years, and I always try to soak up a small part of the power he put into every image he ever drew. He was a lightning bolt of creativity and dynamic power in a field of mostly static, posed, photo traced work. Nobody ever had to explain the appeal of Frank's work to anyone. It reaches out and grabs you the minute you lay eyes on it, and makes you want more. He transcended his medium and influenced everything from comic books to music to movies and books. In an era when fine art consisted of mindlessly splattering canvasses and proving inane intellectual points, Frank Frazetta was showing that painting had more vitality than it ever had before.

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Source: Newsarama

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