Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Industry News: Newsarama Looks at Who Deserves Comic Book Royalties?

Colorists may create mood and atmosphere with their fiery red sunsets and striking blues — but does that mean they deserve the long green of comic book royalties?

That’s the contentious question that was brought up this weekend, as Erik Larsen and Dave McCaig debated whether or not colorists, as well as letterers and other members of the production team, deserve royalties and/or cover credits. Here are a few highlights from the many, many, MANY people who ended up giving their thoughts on the matter:

Erik Larsen: I don’t know of a colorist that moves the needle–so I don’t think they should get royalties–same with letterers. Sorry.

Dave McCaig
: Print your books in black and white. Put your money where your mouth is if you think colorists are not essential to the team.

Kurt Busiek: I also wonder, did Sal Buscema deserve a royalty? He was consistent, and didn’t make sales fluctuate month to month. And if the writer chose to guest-star Wolverine, it wasn’t Sal’s choice. These are all arguments you’ve used to say colorists don’t deserve royalties. But you don’t apply them to people who do get royalties.

Ron Marz: My reasoning is very simple, @KurtBusiek @DaveMcCaig @ErikJLarsen. If I get royalties, so should colorist, b/c we’re part of the same team.

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Source: Newsarama

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