Monday, May 17, 2010

Newsarama's Best Shots Reviews #136

In the conclusion to the "Almost Human" arc, we find Sara Pezzini and cyborg assassin Aphrodite IV up against cybernetic upgrades of Aphrodite herself. The two take down Aphrodite's "sisters" almost too easily and then move on to Dr. Singh, the rogue scientist that created the Aphrodite models. Of course, you can never trust a cyborg assassin these days and things go horribly awry. Ron Marz has stepped away from the supernatural these past issues and delved more into the cybernetic side of Top Cow this arc, which is interesting to note that Artifacts #0 immediately follows this issue, which I'm sure will give you more than enough of the best supernatural action you've seen in a while. Marz and his comrade in arts, Stjepan Sejic continues to push the boundary on what a great team up can accomplish. His layouts are exciting and conveys the tone of danger and action that Marz has directed in the story. Some parts Sejic's art didn't seem as finished as others, but it didn't take me out of drama.

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