Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GeekVine Picks Velocity #1 For This Week in Comics

I actually had a pretty tough time this week coming up with just five titles for the column. It really is a very heavy week of comics for me! I did manage to narrow it down to some titles we haven’t mentioned before, but there is one old favorite in the list. Since there were so many books to pick from this week, I did pick a few titles for honorable mentions. Enjoy!

The winner of last year’s Pilot Season contest returns with her own mini-series. Cyberforce was one of my favorite books in the early Image days, and I’m glad to see Velocity, the fastest woman in the Image universe, to some use. Ron Marz has been doing a great job on writing duties for pretty much every Top Cow book, and this mini should prove to be lots of fun; however, I’m making this my pick of the week based solely on the art. Rocafort’s pencils are absolutely amazing!

Read it here.

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