Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Player Affinity Reviews Velocity #1

Ron Marz steps up his game with this issue. Sure there's not a lot of dialog and it's mostly Velocity spouting information to the reader that she shouldn't be giving, but it works. It works very well in fact. Velocity as a character doesn't fall into the typically shortcomings of speed characters. She doesn't complain about the world being to slow or how there's never enough time. No, in fact, she touts the fact that she's fast. Marz gives the reader just enough information about Velocity to hook their interest and make them want more.

The art is amazing! Rocafort is one of comics top talents and this issue shows why. Not only does he not simply copy the "big two's" pre-established style for Speedsters, he reinvents it! Now, that's not to say that you won't see a ghost figure or a streak of green, but what he's done is make each panel of Velocity running detailed. She moves fluidly, even when changing directions at the last second. It's very refreshing to follow someone running and not have it all be lines and blurs. Velocity as a character... is beautiful, sexy and strong. Every bit of hair, turn of her body and pose is gorgeous and stunning to look at.

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