Monday, June 21, 2010

Newsarama: Nelson Blake Wields Magdalena's Spear of Destiny

Before even beginning the Magdalena series, I had to make sure I understood what the Magdalena is wearing. Is it a costume, armor or uniform? In her case, it's a combination of armor and uniform. Once I got that worked out, I was able to begin the design process with a set focus.

I probably took more liberties with Kristoff than with Patience. I did a bunch of drawings for him, and Ron, Filip and Phil picked the ones that they like, gave some notes and we came up with what we have. So far Kristoff has been kind of in the background, but his coolness will emerge as the series continues.

As for Patience, I really didn't do much outward designing. The biggest thing was getting rid of the superfluous elements like extra crosses and weapons. I look at Patience as a knight or samurai, and I like to think of her spear as the staple of her combat strategy. The swords, shuriken and knives really have no place on her at this point. After she proves herself with the spear, I might throw in an emergency dagger.

Read the full process piece here.
Source: Newsarama

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