Monday, June 21, 2010

Techland: Magdalena is the Panel of the Week

Welcome back to Panel of the Week, where we pull out some of the most noteworthy scenes from this week's comic book haul. This week features the murdering of a Russian's left arm, the passing on of a Super artifact, a holy hero accepting her fate, super hero copyright infringement, and the resurrection of some of the greatest slang since "boss". Let's get started.

Magdalena #2
Plot rule numero uno for the stereotypical hero is that she be a reluctant hero. Sure, Patience will stop the son of satan but dammit, she's going to do it on her terms. She all but slams her badge and gun down on her captain's desk and storms off. It's ok though, it leads to the wardrobe change and grand entrance splash page we see here. 'Bout time. Hopefully, this will mean no more gratuitous 'bloomer' shots like we saw earlier during the dinner battle.

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