Thursday, July 08, 2010

Comics Bulletin Reviews Velocity #1

Top Cow was smart enough to secure the services of Kenneth Rocafort and his art is plenty to push Velocity into the four bullet range. Rocafort impressed me with his collaboration on Paul Dini's Madame Mirage, and I was delighted to see his delicate, French-influenced embellishment, with suitable pastels from Sunny Gho, adapted for speed. Velocity looks fantastic, and her fast, furious fight against the Big Bad's robots evinces Rocafort's ability to preserve his style while relating a traditional narrative of good guys versus bad guys. Indeed, his singular skill turns a basic loon into a Fantomas mastermind that contrasts Velocity's elegance with grotesque beauty.

I already possessed an admiration for the character and Ron Marz has a good handle on Velocity. With Kenneth Rocafort piloting the speedster's adventures, a review of the second issue is guaranteed.

Read the full review here.

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