Thursday, July 08, 2010

Crave Online Reviews Angelus #4

Stjepan Sejic who uses his brush to create almost fine art paintings for each page once again supplies the art. The traditional sense of “panels” is gone here replaced with a more fluid but still effective sense of differentiating the action. I usually find this kind of art tedious, especially in comics, but for Angelus it works. I was especially impressed with Sejic’s use of color to bring out both the backgrounds and the emotions of the characters.

Naturally this all leading into the epic Artifacts story arc that will intertwine Angelus, Witchblade, Darkness and most of the supernatural Top Cow titles. Whatever the ultimate goal is, Angelus #4 does a solid job of setting up it’s own part of the tale through solid storytelling and great art. If you dig any of these titles then Angelus won’t let you down.

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