Thursday, July 01, 2010

Newsarama: ARTIFACTS: Prologue 8: The Coin of Solomon

Part 8 explores the Coin of Solomon, and the legend of the man behind the Artifact.

Greed and the Sins of Solomon
By Gretch
Twilight Alternative Staff

Recession-time Manhattan and recession-time Brooklyn exhibit different modes of coping. Take the B to Brighton Beach and it’s easy to picture yourself on the streets of Moscow, where men stand outside of liquor stores and rub rubles together, waiting for someone else to come along with the remainder of the cost of the bottle of vodka they will soon share. Money is magic when it brings you new friends and the stories alcohol opens us up to share. But in Manhattan, money still hasn’t proven itself to not be the root of evil. The greed of a Park Avenue titan is an almost ancient curse.

Read the full prologue here.
Source: Newsarama

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