Thursday, July 01, 2010

Newsarama's Best Shots Reviews Velocity #1 Again!

Velocity #1 (Published by Top Cow; Review by David Pepose; Click here for preview): Reading the original Pilot Season pitches, it was clear that Velocity pulled ahead from the rest not because of her super-speed, but because of the strength of her personality. And that quality, that level of charm for our scarlet-haired speedster, shows no signs of stopping in Velocity #1. Writer Ron Marz has been working overtime with many of Top Cow's properties, but I have to say, this is his most accessible "Moo-niverse" work yet. We get who Carin is from the very first page, from her super-fast dodging to the adorable wink she gives the reader. Which brings me to artist Kenneth Rocafort. The amount of emotion he gives our heroine is palpable, and I really enjoy what he does with jagged, shifting panels (even as Sunny Gho's colorwork, I would argue, clashes with Rocafort's style, with his dark palette and intrusive angles). But that certainly isn't enough to stop Velocity, a really fun read that has a smart high concept and definitely hits the ground running.

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Source: Newsarama

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