Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Comic Attack Reviews Artifacts #1

This is one of those set up issues that is executed very well, and Marz and Broussard definitely give you your money’s worth with this issue. The story’s pacing is smooth, and there is just enough expo that long time fans aren’t rushing through information they already know and a new reader gets just enough to draw them into the story. As the story progresses, Marz gets you comfortable and then hits you with a “DAMN!” moment that I’m pretty sure we didn’t see coming, and definitely sets up the drama for the second issue. I haven’t seen anything that visceral from Ron since he put a certain Green Lantern’s girlfriend in a refrigerator!

Michael Broussard brings the visual punch to Artifacts #1 and does well with the cast of characters that he normally wouldn’t have had access to when he was the artist on The Darkness. Everyone is easily recognizable, though I will admit that I didn’t recognize the balloon mime until it was too late, but that was probably the point. He does the final few pages justice, and will forever have me remembering that last panel whenever I see a balloon again. Now as good as Michael is, I’m excited to see who the other artists on the series will be, since he’s only doing the art for the first four issues. Ron Marz and Michael Broussard were able to work magic with their Unholy Union story years ago, and it’s good to see these two bringing the heat once again, even if it’s only for a short time.

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