Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Twitter Report: Rick Basaldua Talks EBas' Stolen Portfolio

In other news, some jerk apparently stole some artwork from ace inker Rick Basaldua at San Diego Comic-Con last week. He tweeted links to some images of what was taken, and I wholeheartedly recommend checking that out after the jump in case you run into any of it on the black market. All of this and reactions to "Project Runway" and the "Thor" trailer await you below.

@RickBas9 Ebas got his art stolen at SDCC this year, if you see anything of these on sale, please let him know! http://bit.ly/b4k4Hm
-Rick Basaldua, Inker ("Witchblade/Devi," "Hunter-Killer")

Read the full article here.
Source: splashpage.mtv.com

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