Monday, August 16, 2010

Cosmic Book News Reviews Artifacts #1

Writer Ron Marz tells us himself that he is creating something new out of the old Top Cow Universe and what material he is presenting here for the first time, which is going to pay off for longtime readers and new readers alike. If you are new to the Top Cow Universe, more than likely you may be familiar with a couple of their denizens, namely the Witchblade and Darkness. These two are only pieces of a puzzle as there are other characters that make up the big picture as well. What’s great about this is that you need not worry about being heavily engrossed in the continuity of Top Cow as Marz gives us an introduction to each of the characters, whether it be in the main story itself or at the end with a series of write-ups. I love when comics include a bit of background on the story, whether it be month-to-month or information such as this.

The story itself is heavy on action, mystery, intrigue and drama; artist Michael Broussard did an amazing job showcasing Sara Pezzini as the first page testifies. The panel layouts were well done, heightening the emotion we readers feel as we read the dialogue. Broussard and company gave us some gorgeous art and the subtle positioning of the female body was appreciated! Top Cow is renowned for their fabulous art; no surprise to veteran Top Cow readers.

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