Monday, August 16, 2010

League of Comic Geeks Reviews Artifacts #1

As a setup issue and introduction to the TCU, Artifacts #1 succeeds admirably. If you've never dipped your toes in the Top Cow waters, this really is the perfect jumping-on point, and an extremely enjoyable one at that. Ron Marz has a deft hand at characterization (as he demonstrated with the excellent Velocity #1, probably one of the strongest debut issues I've ever read), and keys us in to the major players within a line or two of dialogue. He also knows when to apply economy and let the art speak for itself. Together with the enormously talented Broussard, he delivers a cinematic experience that keeps the interest high and the pages turning, though its easy to pause when the art looks this good (with a tip of the hat to Sunny Gho's stellar coloring). A two-page spread explains the whole premise of the event, letting us know the players and what's at stake, while back-up character descriptions provide some history for those of us not so in-the-know. The team also proves they're not afraid of pulling any punches by ending the issue with a (literal) bang.

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