Monday, August 16, 2010

Crave Online Reviews Artifacts #1

Artifacts is the long awaited thirteen part series from Witchblade/Darkness scribe Ron Marz and plethora of artists from the Top Cow camp. This is another event series where the very fate of mankind is up for grabs as forces of good and evil clash in an epic struggle.

Now as much as I enjoy stories with Lanterns and attacks on Viking worlds, there’s something about Artifacts that could teach the big two a lesson in pacing and storytelling. Not only does Ron Marz’s story give us what we want from an event series, it gives a little more.

The art by Michael Broussard is some of the most exciting work he’s done to date. The panels leap off the page with solid lines and a tremendous feel for motion. Broussard has not just dedicated himself to painstaking detail but also to bringing a real sense of life and desperation to the work.

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