Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Newsarama Best Shots Advanced Reviews: Witchblade #137

Review by Vanessa Gabriel

I like it when I am surprised. I had not pulled Witchblade previously, and this was a good read. I suppose I lucked out with this being a stand-alone story. The issue stars Abigail van Alstene; her back story and current circumstance. Abby crosses paths with Sara, thus inserting the character Necromancer back into Top Cow continuity.

Ron Marz introduces Abby seamlessly as she narrates the issue with her account of the recent events in her life. She has just relocated to Los Angeles from Colorado, is in her senior year of high school, has taken a liking to art classes, is under the tutelage of a 300 year old sorcerer to hone her magic, and can talk to the dead. Naturally, she takes a trip to New York with fellow art students to visit the museums, and ends up finding an ally in Sara Pezzini.

In just one issue, I heart Abigail van Alstene. I care about what is going to happen to her, and I want to know more, please.

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Source: Newsarama

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