Monday, October 27, 2008

The CG Channel interviews Kenneth Rocafort

When Kenneth Rocafort was a child he spent his time making his own superman comics and drawing robots. Before long he started to follow what European Artists were doing in comics.

He first discovered Heavy Metal magazine when some of his father's friends were going through one. "when I picked it up they would say. 'Hey its not for your age' and take it away' ' Kenneth remembers. But even from that brief glimpse into the adult comic, he was already intrigued by the Science Fiction and Fantasy orientation of the stories.

Kenneth's own work is show no fear of color. These colorful images present a stark contrast to the dark and sinister story lines that fill his head. It gives fiefdom project a sense of balance that other comics don't have. After all just because the story is dark, morbid and filled with evil, doesn't mean that the world and the character s within it have to be illustrated with dulled out grays and sepia tones. READ MORE.

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