Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ron Marz teases the upcoming War of Witchblades storyline:

Back in Witchblade #103 Sara Pezzini, the modern-day bearer of the Witchblade gave it up...well, gave part of it up, to Danielle Baptiste. Transference of powers, right? A staple of comic book characters where a legacy is passed on to another.

Well, not quite so simple.

While Dani has wielded her portion of the Witchblade since (the series is currently on issue #121) Sara has remained in the background, as a large chunk of the storyline focuses on her and her new baby (born in the First Born event, collected in the Witchblade volume 5 trade). Apparently, there’s a battle a ‘brewin’.

Beginning in issue #125, Ron Marz and artist Stjepan Sejic will tell the six part “War of the Witchblade,” which will show just what happens when you split the Witchblade between two bearers. The covers at right are to Witchblade #125 and are by Chris Bachalo. READ MORE.

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