Thursday, December 10, 2009

Broken Frontier: Opening up Pandora's Box at Top Cow - Part 2

After the amazing succes of Top Cow's last intercompany crossover Broken Trinity the ramifications on the regular titles (Witchblade and The Darkness) were big and ongoing. At some point Top Cow announced that a storyline would start in 2010 that would focus on the 13 mystical Artifacts in the Top Cow Universe and to start that story, Top Cow first will release a direct follow-up on Broken Trinity called Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box. BF interviewed the writer-team on this and more and today we finish the two-part interview, showcasing exclusive material from the series' artist! Check the first interview here.

BROKEN FRONTIER: Finn and Glory are the bearers of said gems. Are they going to get friendly with each other? Just kidding...but I am interested in their personas and how you approach those opposing forces. Can you both tell me more about that?

BRYAN HILL: Being the bearers of the elemental stones is a huge responsibility for each of them. I think one of the consistent themes in the Top Cow Universe is the basic question: what do you do with the power you've been given? You see it in Ron's (Marz) brilliant work on Witchblade. In Phil's (Hester) equally great work on The Darkness. It's an important idea that we can all relate to. That being said, Michael Finnegan and Glorianna Silver aren't just copies of Sara and Jackie. They're different characters with different points of view on the universe and their role in it. They are opposites, and certainly there's fire in Glorianna's personality and Finnegan's more grounded -- but bearing these stones isn't an easy journey for either of them. Readers are going to get moments from each of them that they've never seen in the Top Cow universe, and we're not asking the readers to take a side. Each of them is both hero and villain in their own way, and that's the most exciting part of working with them.

ROB LEVIN: Bryan took all the good answers... But seriously, one of the great things about the series is the sort of primal set-up that Ron left us with. You have Fire and Ice. Just as The Darkness has dark and light, these things don't get along. Not like oil and water, but like something that literally attempts to destroy the other. But we're not talking about fire and ice, we're talking about people. And people have thoughts and emotions... Do Glori and Finn hate each other, or is it their powers that drive them to conflict. These are the questions we asked of ourselves and the characters, and some of the things we'll explore.


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