Monday, January 04, 2010

Cosmic Book News Reviews Angelus #1


Ron Marz, writer
Stjpean Sejic, artist & Cover A

This week, Cosmic Book News wanted to explore something new and the cover of Top Cow's Angelus #1 caught our eye.

Angelus had been part of the Witchblade series itself, and Angelus star, Dani Baptiste, had been a former Witchblade herself.

While I will admit, I was unfamiliar with the series, I was really glad I picked this issue up. Just to touch on writer Ron Marz, who made a name for himself giving the world Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and "Parallaxing" long time GL Hal Jordan, he did a nice job opening up the series to new, non-Witchblade fans.

What we have is Dani now carries a force from heaven, called Angelus. She is in charge of a company of warrior angels, who has a commander name Sabine. Sabine is basically Starscream from the old Transformer series waiting to make her move against Dani.

As this is happening, Dani is moving into a New Orleans apartment with her new girlfriend, Finch. Considering Dani has never dated a woman before, she is in charge of a company warrior angels and in a new city, her life is being turned upside down.

With that said, my favorite art has currently been in DC's Justice League: Cry for Justice mini-series, but after seeing Angelus, I am sorry to say, Angelus kicked Cry for Justice's tail!

Artist Stjepan Sejic work is amazing.

I mean he is doing work here that artist Alex Ross is sweating at and fantasy artist Boris Vallejo is choking with jealousy. I am at a loss for words at how Sejic created landscapes, almost indescribable hellish creatures, and awe-inspiring super heroes.

Remember the scene in Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo gave Cate Blanchett the ring and she freaked out? That was this comic!

Between this, Supergod and Irredeemable I have nothing but hope for the super hero genre in the indy categories.

Simply, for the art alone, it is worth double the price on the cover.

Please, pick this up.


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