Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boyce McClain's Collectors' Corner Reviews Angelus #2. Out Today!

Top Cow Studios looks like its got a real winner on its hands with it Angelus title. Issue #2 continues the story introduced in issue #1. Danielle Baptiste, former Witchblade recipient, is a member of the Angelus, bearers of the light. She left her 'angelic' domain to return to New Orleans and her friend Finch.

As the two woman walk they are attacked in an alley by a horrific beast. Suddenly, as if by magic, Sabine, an Angelus warrior arrives and dispatches the beast.

Danielle is whisked away by Sabine to the magical realm leaving Finch in a clench. Once there Danielle learns of the millennium long struggle between the forces of light and darkness. She also learns that she is the chosen one and that she is expected to lead the forces of light against the darkness.

The only problem is that her friend Jackie, is one of the Darkness. The other creatures in the realm of light are shocked. Never has being of light embraced a member of the dark as a friend.

Distracted by the sight her surroundings, Danielle suddenly remembers her friend Finch, who was left behind, is in danger. She returns to Earth, and saves her. In the meantime Jackie has plans of his own that will eventually culminating in a showdown with his friend Danielle.

Ron Marz delivers a one-two script with lots of intrigue and action while artist Stjepan Sejic wows readers with his dynamic art, killer colors and cutting edge page layouts.

Source: Boyce McClain's Collectors' Corner

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