Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GeekWeek Reviews Angelus #2

GeekWeek's Iann Robinson checks out this week's in-store comic, Angelus #2:

Fantasy comics are a tough sell sometimes, especially when they’re steeped in light vs. dark, angels vs. demons and that kind of epic stuff. Done incorrectly these books can come off cheesy or boring. Top Cow’s new fantasy series Angelus scripted by Ron Marz and illustrated by Stjepan Sejic seems to be avoiding those pitfalls with not only an interesting storyline but also some killer art. Let me warn you, Angelus is a comic for those that love fantasy so if you’re an indie guy or a superhero nut it might not be your cup of tea. I dig all comics so if you’re like me Angelus could be something to add to the weekly list.

Read the full review here.

Source: GeekWeek

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