Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CBR: Aphrodite IV Returns To "WITCHBLADE"

Once upon a time in "Witchblade" lore, Detective Sara Pezzini encountered a green-haired cybernetic assassin that had only one purpose in life - beating the ever-living snot out of Sara.

Now, after a 15 issue absence, the android femme fatale Aphrodite IV is back in the pages of Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic's "Witchblade," and although her purpose doesn't involve Sara at all this time around, fans can bet that the Witchblade bearer will have a bone or two to pick with the returning assassin. CBR News spoke with Marz about Aphrodite's return to the Top Cow Universe, the differences between her and her future counterpart, and why readers seemingly can't get enough of this deadly character.

Although the character first appeared in David Finch and David Wohl's "Aphrodite IX," the protagonist of that miniseries was actually a future version of the one that Marz ultimately brought into the Top Cow herd. "The 'Aphrodite IX' miniseries from a few years ago, story-wise, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me," the writer told CBR. "I wasn't really sure what was what and where it was all going. So I initially brought an earlier version, Aphrodite IV, into the last couple of pages of my last 'Cyberforce' issue, and when I had a chance, I brought that same model into the pages of 'Witchblade.' I had a good time doing it and the readers really responded - we sold out of that issue real fast - so there's obviously an interest in the character."

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