Monday, February 01, 2010

Friends of the Cow: Adrian Nicita Talks Riot Shell with Broken Frontier

Riot Shell is an all NEW online comic series, created by Adrian Nicita and revolves around a girl who can transform her arm into any kind of weapon she desires. Nicita Designs and Comic Idol have put together a 6 page preview as a jump on point and the best part is...the rest is up to... YOU!

BROKEN FRONTIER: People might know you as the webmaster for many Top Cow creator websites, like Marc Silvestri, David Nakayama and Romano Molenaar. Is that what you do, mainly?

ADRIAN NICITA: Yes. I mainly design websites and logos, but too many to mention. They haven’t all been comic based but that’s where my passion lies. From a design aspect, I love creating sites for comic books and their creators as I get access to some really amazing artwork. I am currently working on a new site called for Korby Marks, the creator of Stormbringers. The rest of my free time goes into; the official home of Riot Shell.

Read the rest of the interview with Adrian to learn more about Riot Shell here.

Source: Broken Frontier

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