Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Publishers Weekly: Filip Sablik Responds to Apple's iPad

Last week Apple CEO Steven Jobs finally unveiled the iPad, Apple’s much anticipated multimedia computing and reading device, and there was much discussion among comics publishers and fans about what the device will mean for the future of digital comics. PWCW spoke to several publishers to get their reactions to Apple’s latest and coolest new computing device.

Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik said he was “cautiously optimistic” that the iPad would be a “game changer” for digital comics. “That remains to be seen. What Apple has done incredibly well in the last decade is take existing technology--laptop, mp3 player, smart phone--and made it really sexy and really easy to use. Right now it looks like the iPad might follow those to pillars of Apple's success.”

Top Cow’s Sablik said he planned to, “work with as many professional digital distribution partners as possible,” and pointed to Top Cow content on ComiXology, iVerse, and Wowio platforms with more slated for Panelfly, Art Book, Longbox and “Right now, no one distribution system has emerged as a market leader, but each stream may add up to a decent revenue stream,” Sablik said. “The main goal right now is to draw in new potential customers. Hopefully a portion of those new customers will also buy hard copies of trades and hard cover.”

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Source: Publishers Weekly

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