Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project Fanboy Reviews Angelus #2

Reviewer Comments:
TopCow books always look so nice. I’ve read a couple of things from Stjepan Sejic, and his artwork never ceases to impress me. The pages in this issue are laid out with some very innovative designs, and the panels still work to tell the story clearly. Those multi-paneled pages give way to a couple of amazing two-page spreads filled with angelic and demonic warfare. The level of intricacy and detail in Sejic’s work is quite stunning.

Switching over to the story, I thought it was okay. Nothing majorly important happened in this issue, but it wasn’t poorly told either. One thing that did stand out to me is the lead character Danielle Baptiste’s relationship. She is in a relationship with another woman and stands up to defend her against a couple of thugs in a dark alley. The story could have easily gone sleazy or had some serious innuendo at that point, but writer Ron Marz wants readers to take these two women seriously. He treats his characters respectfully, and they are stronger for it.

Fans of the Darkness will be excited to see Jaime Escatado make a brief appearance in this issue before next month’s big “Duel with the Darkness” in issue 3 of Angelus. I have to admit that even though this setup issue didn’t grab me as much, I’m interested to see Angelus and the Darkness interact given their friendship before Danielle was chosen to be the bearer of the Angelus.

In any case, this book is gorgeous, and you need to see the art. Plus, there’s a freakin’ death train traveling through Hell. (Check out the preview art!) How can you go wrong with that?


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