Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friends of the Cow: LongBox & Comics Alliance Having a Contest to Win $25 Worth of Free Digital Comics

LongBox, a new digital comics platform that's aiming to become the iTunes of comics, is about to launch its new Beta version at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this weekend. But while most of the world will only be able to read through a few watermarked sample comics until the wider release, ComicsAlliance readers will have an opportunity to get a wide range of comics through LBX before the general public -- and get them for free.

While LBX is still in Beta, Comics Alliance is going to be giving away 15 gift codes worth $25.00 each to 15 ComicsAlliance readers, which can be used toward anything in the LongBox store. With most LongBox comics priced at just $0.99 (and digital graphic novel collections priced around $5 to $10), winners will essentially walk away with up to 25 comics or several trade paperbacks.

Publishers like Top Cow, Boom!, Archaia, NBM, Shadowline and more have already been announced as participating, and will be offering their comics through the LBX store, along with creator-owned projects from individual creators like Jonathan Hickman ("Fantastic Four").

Go here to read how to enter.

Source: Comics Alliance

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