Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Comic Addiction Reviews Darkness #84

“The Three Deaths of Jackie Estacado”
Writer: Phil Hester
Pencils and Inks: Whilce Portacio
Colors: Arif Prianto of IFS
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover A by Bagus Hutomo of IFS
Cover B Lance Briggs photo variant C2E2 Exclusive
Published by Top Cow Productions

Jackie Estacado (current bearer of The Darkness) has assembled a team to fight for revenge against the Sovereign. However, their ongoing mission has been interrupted by a team of Hunter-Killers who are under orders to take Jackie dead or alive. Unfortunately for the team of Hunter-Killers, they’re only the B Team and quite frankly don’t stand a chance against Jackie.

This issue gave Jackie a chance to further develop his skills and abilities as the power of The Darkness itself is limited only by light and a lack of imagination. Beyond that he’s learning that he can literally do just about anything. This was also the first issue in a while that featured Jackie and didn’t involve much of his Sovereign hunting team.

Overall this was a very strong issue leaving me wanting more.

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