Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Twitter Report: Marc Bernardin Talks The Punisher

Marvel may have regained the movie rights for the Punisher, but not everyone wants them to plow straight ahead into a new film. The Twitter Report covers this perspective, as well as how to talk to your child about Frank Castle today.

Punisher pt. 1: @marcbernardin Were I you, @Marvel, and I just got the Punisher rights back, I wouldn't make another movie. That boat has sailed. Call FX.
-Marc Bernardin, Writer ("The Authority," "The Highwaymen")

Punisher pt. 2: @marcbernardin seriously, the Punisher has had three shots at feature film failure and succeeded every time. Move on. The Punisher is a serial creature.

Punisher pt. 3: @Robwilliams71 Son asked me why The Punisher is so cross. Then he said "I know why. Because somebody spilled his breakfast." Yep, that'll do it.
-Rob Williams, Writer ("Dark X-Men: The Beginning," "Robocop")

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Source: splashpage.mtv.com

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